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Two Mountains

by Ó

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released October 23, 2015

"This record is fucking magical. It has woven a tender web of sound around my head and ensnared the senses completely. It is everything I love in music; the delicate dance between the alienation of drone and the total sexual intimacy of a single voice."
- Eriq Nelson, Crappy Indie Music blog

"5 second review: When I close my eyes and listen to Two Mountains I find myself whisked away to an Arctic tundra (maybe it’s the name helping out). As I continue to listen I invision myself lying on my back with the soft sound of the ice breathing below me and the wind softly tickling the snow dusts around me. Her voice reminds me of twilight in the winter when the sun has dipped below the horizon and there is a fine royal blue trim of sky hovering under the looming darkness. And in that moment, if I happen to catch it, I always invision there’s a soft voice stretching out over the lands – that’s exactly how I hear eskimeaux’s voice. Each song on the album whispers elegance and embodies the ethereal chords of choir boys. If I reviewed this song-by-song each song would read: “angelic orchestration of vocals and music”. Each and every song fulfills this description. There is not one disappointment on the album."
- Volume City blog, UK


Co-produced by Benjamin Schurr & Gabrielle Smith
with awesome help from Stella Jones, Keith Hampson, Dan Angel, Elliott Harvey, Henry Crawford, Noah Britton, Oliver Kalb, and Sophie Samul
Track photos by Gabrielle Smith unless otherwise specified
Mastered by Benjamin Schurr



all rights reserved


Ó New York, New York

Eskimeaux is the songwriting and production project of Gabrielle Smith. The live Eskimeaux band is Gabrielle Smith, Oliver Kalb, Felix Walworth, and Jack Greenleaf.


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Track Name: Two Mountains
Winter is young and timid
hiding in september's arms
A shred of dusk, a scrap of dawn
I'll weave these moments into a song
When icicles bare their teeth
we're shivering in the street
our booming hearts are waxing
our breath is curling
With summer's benevolence
came an overbearing silence
an unforgiving distance
one string supporting two mountains
Track Name: Hills
Your frame became a gentle nest where I could rest my eyes,
a place to lay and let the country go careening by
Your fingers laced my locks and traced my hillsides
bodies curled about heavily swarmed with butterflies
I recall the day the way you said my name changed
One day we climbed the tallest hill to feel mighty and high
While winds they raced, locked in embrace, we closed our ardent eyes
Ravenous as kings, they nearly had us on our knees
but I swear right then I felt the world had melted at our feet
and all of California was our kingdom
the Golden Gate meant to placate the tyrants we'd become
and all of San Francisco's hearts would synchronize
one beat would quake the earth and make the skyline yours and mine
I recall the day that your brother laid
his face pressed to the grass so green
the wonders before him unseen
Fifty suns arose and fell until back home I came
and forced to face to what I'd gracelessly betrayed
A love I'd left alone in my abandoned bed to lay;
the butterflies all up and died with 'guilt' written on their graves
So, my love, I walk now upon eggshells
teetering like the lightest tree trunk trying not to be felled
So, my love, I bring to you the truth in offering
enlighten you with honesty and warn you tenderly
that I am made of bones as delicate as nature
and I am made of skin tough as an elephant's hide
and I made of two hearts, one that can beat faster
than the hummingbird's wing flies
but it must be fed, it must be excited
It must be pumped by a strong and eager palm
but every hand will inevitably tire
and then my fire's flames, they calm
Track Name: Untitled, Part II
eskimeaux, what have you done?
acting like a ghost, hide and run
eskimeaux, what have you done?
drop your head into your hands
shame points to you like a gun
weight you can no longer withstand
Track Name: Discarded
I have no choice but to treat you like you died
sprinkle the soil, to bury you
We can no longer bear your Jovian will;
it's a massive thing, but in the end it's just a cloud
All we did was build ideas,
unreachable and cavernous,
omnipotent, ravenous!
A shady lane, a picket fence
and all was based on faithfulness
on hollow, trustless lust and sex
And I can't believe we were so bold
to sculpt and mold what the future holds
because our woods burned down two weeks ago
and our pond dried up to reveal the bones
of our child who drowned when she was too young
and my body couldn't bear the second one
Now all that's left is our empty home,
a flame-bitten exoskeleton
So in a thousand years when I've renewed
I'll tear at the soil that buried you
desperately try to exhume
but there'll be nothing left that I knew of you
You'll be somewhere far away
a new girlfriend, a better place
a house, a home, a dream fulfilled
and I hope with a newfound iron will
Track Name: Whipped Cream Waterfalls (Don't Go Chasing Them, You Might Get Sticky)
Don't let your hairs fall from you, dear
or your skin loosen on my behalf
don't waste your time on blame
or what never was, but could have been
Our meager means turned our bonds to
thinning strings, held together with spit and cockroach wings
Unfaithfulness leaves a nasty scar
but, my dear, I'll bear it like a star
'til winter's young and timid
hiding in September's arms
Our meager means turned our bonds to
thinning strings, held together with spit and cockroach wings
Track Name: A Light
I saw you, you were the water
that would quench my raging flames
I heard you, your sweet song
that would cast out my winters
A light at the end of the tunnel
a breath of fresh air
but I am poison
I bring my winters back
Track Name: Nothing
I am nothing when I am not with you
and when I ask myself "What would 'nothing' do?"
Nothing would be nothing, would be quiet and subdued
be an ever-heavy presence, blessed, holy, and abstruse
Abundantly, infinitely be emptiness
be boundless, be hollow, be true
and nothing would change should nothing cease
and nothing should change should nothing cease
Track Name: There Are a Lot of You
Our love was cut
from a cardboard box
so many have lived inside before us
and the ones we raised
and brought in from the rain
they have grown and gone
And I wanted to
keep this alive
but I couldn't help my drifting eyes
and my mind became too open
our family became broken
and our things became yours or mine
You have become a walking grave
your bones buried inside your shape
arrested by your fragile frame
I thought it would
be easier for us to
stand on four legs like a dog would
but I need to stand on two legs like a man would
So don't let your hairs fall from you
and don't let your skin loosen from you
because I could not be what I thought I could
Because all we thought we could change
blew right up in my face
so don't waste your mind on blame
because I'm not quite what i thought I was
Track Name: Nanuq
All that we built
while shoddy and brief
is molded and wilted and crumbling at our feet
We'd cross paths if not for the vastness of our country
leaves a nasty scar
but I'll bear it like a star
We'd cross paths if not for the vastness of our country
and I can't lie and say that I will always miss your hand in mine