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Walk Away From Me is a three-way split between Bellows, Small Wonder and eskimeaux. The album was recorded between February and April 2013 and is a flagship for the recent move of the three artists from their childhood home of New York City to Chicago, IL. Henry (Small Wonder) came up with the idea of three bands from the same scene covering Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop, as a tribute to three bands who each transplanted from their hometowns to live and work in Berlin in the late 1970's. Walk Away From Me begins with three covers -- Small Wonder introduces the album with The Velvet Underground song "Candy Says". Bellows covers the David Bowie song "Soul Love", and eskimeaux covers Iggy Pop's "Tonight".
The second half of the split is made up of original songs by each of the three bands, "Well", written as a reaction to "Tonight" by eskimeaux, "Papa Bear", a woodsy electro-ballad by Bellows, and "Wood for the Fire", a song of bodylessness and anxious peace.


released April 10, 2013

"Candy Says" was written by Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground
"Soul Love" was written by David Bowie
"Tonight" was written by David Bowie and Iggy Pop
"Well" was written by Gabrielle Smith, eskimeaux
"Papa Bear" was written by Oliver Kalb, Bellows
"Wood For The Fire" was written by Henry Crawford, Small Wonder
Cover photo by Spencer Zidarich
Mixing for Small Wonder by Jack Greenleaf, Sharpless
Mastering by Oliver Kalb



all rights reserved


Ó New York, New York

Eskimeaux is the songwriting and production project of Gabrielle Smith. The live Eskimeaux band is Gabrielle Smith, Oliver Kalb, Felix Walworth, and Jack Greenleaf.


For booking inquiries, contact ghorbal@apa-agency.com

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photo by Andrew Piccone (thishasgottostop.net)
banner photo by Sarah Cass (sarahcass.com)
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Track Name: eskimeaux - Well
A denseness cloaked our bedroom
with curtains drawn and our eyes closed
my nose to your dripping nose
as the scream of the steaming heater grows
In your hands I found a tranquil solidity
a way to realize stability
and in your eyes a mystery I thought unparalleled
a coldness in the darkness of your pupils as they swelled
You hold the light, the light
the covers pulled up to your nose
you're cold, your eyes
your eyes are covered
how can I hold you when there's nothing left to hold?
In your hands I found a thoughtful stillness
a way to forget the recent bouts of illness
in your eyes I found a perfect, feral citadel
I was curled up, damp, and aimless at the bottom of a well
You block the light, the light
you cover the only source of warmth I know
now cold and curled, I'll hold no other
how can I hold you when there's nothing left to hold?
You block your light, your light
you cover the only source of warmth I know
now cold and curled, I'll hold no other
Who will hold you when there's nothing left to hold?
Track Name: Bellows - Papa Bear
it's like there's candy on your lips
and then the way you move your legs toward me slow
it's what I do not show
that makes you want to know

I am not fearful in your dreams
more like a papa bear who's left on his own
he never meets his baby
but he probably wouldn't want to
they leave when he is sleeping
I wake up all alone

I wish another year was gone
you wish you didn't live at home anymore
when no one is around us
everything is dreamy
but you do not remember when I used to not be me
and I cannot remember if you were ever you